Here are the university courses that I have taught with course materials available on OSF. If you’re a lecturer or professor and would like more information about my courses, please reach out via my contact page.

Introduction to Psychology

A broad introduction to the field of psychological science, covering history, methods, biology, development, individual differences, and social phenomena. Lectures + Activities

Infancy & Child Development

An deep dive into brain development, genetics, and parenting with the goal of understanding the complex interplay between biology and environment in development. Discussions + Writing Intensive

Lifespan Development

A survey of human lifespan development from conception to death, with an emphasis on behavior genetics and evolutionary theories of development. Lectures + Activities

Psychology of Human Sexuality

An upper-level course covering a diverse range of sexual topics from an evolutionary and cross-cultural perspective. Lectures + Discussions + Activities + Writing Intensive

Evolution, Science & Superstition

An upper-level course focusing on the Bible as a product of human culture from an evolutionary perspective. Discussions + Writing Intensive

Abnormal Psychology

A survey course covering theoretical approaches to psychopathology and treatment, with emphasis on major classes of disorders. Lectures + Discussions

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