Below are the professional services that I can provide. If you’re interested in these services, please reach out via the contact page. For more information on my professional background, please see my resume.

Copy Editing

I provide copy editing services for authors publishing popular science books. I can review and provide feedback on an average length popular book (~300 pages of main text) in about three weeks.

Pricing is dependent on length of the book and the stage of the draft. Below are my general areas of expertise, but feel free to tell me about your book to see if my services will be a good fit for your book.

  • Evolutionary perspectives on human psychology and behavior
  • Close relationships, and especially romantic relationships
  • Human development
  • Sexual behavior and reproduction
  • Behavior genetics

Speaking Engagements

I am available to come and speak to your department, company, or organization. My current topics of interest are listed below, but feel free to reach out if you don’t see a specific topic listed. You can also check out my Publications page to see what topics I have published on previously. Pricing is dependent on the length of the talk, other engagements during the visit, and travel time.

  • Advice and experience transitioning from PhD programs to non-faculty careers in the education sector
  • Teaching and pedagogy in higher education
  • Perspectives on the state of higher education
  • Strategies for improving student outcomes in higher education
  • Improving credibility of company funded research via open science
  • Evolutionary perspectives on human behavior and psychology (especially on topics that I have previously published on, see Publications).
  • Any current projects I am working on.
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